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    Wednesday, May 12, 2010

    yes3. ari tgk si tenmeed punye blog. pastu terbace lak psl dye essay psl phobia tu. lalu saye pown tergerak r ati nak belek2 fail2 skool yg lame. in the end terjumpe gak essay psl phobia yg saye wat. fyi, saye ngan tenmeed satu set bi tyme f5 dulu. satu kelas. juge satu skool. [LoL.]

    okey2. tajok dye:
    Pteromerhanophobia [Fear Of Flying]

    Yes, I am a pteromerhanophobic. I have fear of flying. I may look like a brave person without any fear of anything but this one accident that occured a few years ago made a great impact onto my life. Everytime I gaze at the clear azure skies through my transparent window pane, that horrid memory would take myself back to the time where it all begins.

    5 years ago...

    I was sitting on a row of seats with my iPod's earphone plugged onto my ears, waiting for my first flight alone. Since I was born, I never travel anywhere, alone, by a plane as my family seldom travel overseas. 
    My flight was scheduled on 11.00 am but I insisted to arrive early. After finishing all the matters related to tickets, seats, and son on and so forth, I sat on the place I  were sitting now. Here, I could see different kind of people with different kind of attitude and  behaviour. 
    I could see a woman, actress maybe, sitting not far from me with her Gucci sunglasses, Jimmy Choo high heels and Armani dress, checking her cellphone. 
    There was also a mother who was running from one end to another, trying to catch her hyperactive son. 
    Not to forget, a newlywed couple hugging each other and luckily, they were not smooching. 
    I laughed at myself as it was funny to look at other people's behaviour. When the clock struck 10.00 am, I went to the departure hall and the gate where I was supposed to go. I saw a few stewardess pulling their trolley bags and when I arrived, I was greeted by a stewardess. 
    Her smile was enchanting! 
    I went inside the plane and sat on my seat, trying to be comfortable. 
    "Hmm. This is quite awkward. Maybe nervous about first flight alone. Oh, well," I spoke to myself.

    By the sudden, a strange feeling entangled my webs of emotions.

    When the plane was ready for take off, I have this feeling which I cannot decipher it myself but I forget it in a nick of time. The movement of the plane made me tilt my head a few times. When the plane was gaining speed for take-off, the momentum was undeniably strong affecting my internal organs. 
    Based on my basic Physics, this is what we call as inertia, the ability of an object to to stay at rest or in motion of straight line when being acted upon by an unbalanced force. My body and and head continued on being in discomfort when the plane was off the ground and rising higher to the sky. I nearly puked but I managed to control myself. 
    During the flight, I kept thinking about the plane falling down or the engine dysfunction but I kept aside that thought for awhile to reduce my nervousness. 
    "I watch Final Destination too much," I whispered to myself.
    The steward and stewardess treat all the passengers nicely and did their job efficiently. That made my heart to calm down a little. So, I decided to enjoy the flight. 
    I felt like everything was fine but still, I hoped for the best and prepared for the worst. Finally, I could see the land from the window beside me, approximately 10 to 15 minutes of the journey.

    But I was wrong. It was just only the beginning.

    As the one who sat on the last seat, I could see the wing of the plane. What I saw was really shocking. The landing gear which holds the wheels for landing did not move from it's initial position.
    Or in other word, the landing gear was malfunctioned.
    Something bad was going to happen.
    If I were inside the flight deck, the atmosphere must be very tense, panic and hectic. As I expected, the plane slammed onto it's path and the metal base of the plane screeched loudly when it slide on the pathway. Everybody inside the plane screamed when the cries of panic broke out. There were others who said their prayers loudly. The baggage from the rack above fell and the flight attendant tried to calm everything down as the plane shuddered violently. I felt like I am going to die. The plane slided from the pathway onto the grassy plain beside it. 
    By that time, the right wing snapped off when it hit a row of trees and electric wires. 
    I, who nearly dropped my heart out, decided to hide inside a small lavoratory not far from me.
    I locked the door and ducked with my hands holding the wall. 
    I could feel the plane spinning a lot of times .
    My head and body banged on the wall a few times.
    Then, everything stopped.

    With little energy left, I opened the door. I could see the upper part of the fuselage was torned apart.
    A lot of branches poking out from the shattered windows.
    I was totally frightened and nearly cried when I saw lifeless body slumped on their seats.
    There were also piles of bodies on the plane floor. 
    The condition was gruesome.
    Blood everywhere.
    Heads snapped off from their necks.
    Metal rods pierced through every visible part of the bodies.
    One body was sandwiched between seats.
    Another body missed some parts of the brain.
    Snapped feet on one side. 
    Torned hand on the other side.
    I dared myself to reach one of the shattered windows. I saw a group of airport's crew. I tried to call them but my energy was totally drained out. My last energy was used to give a wave of signal with my hand.
    Hoping that they would see me.

    Everything turned pitch black.


    When I woke up from seven days of coma, I saw my whole family surrounded me. They were crying tears of joy. My mother hugged me. She told me that only 8 people survived the crash. I was discharged after a few months of treatments and physiotherapy. I suffered minor neck injury, few broken ribs, fingers and I also broke my left foot. Along with that was uncountable amount of bruises and stitched wounds. 
    When I read the article about the plane crash, few people who were plane specialist stated that it was one of the worst and terrible crash in the world. 
    I was very lucky because the plane did not explode.
    The fuel tank was situated near the bottom part of the plane but protected by coats of steel and metal that reduced the friction between the plane and the pathway.
    Only that part.
    I felt very grateful.


    That tragic accident really gives an impact to my life. I need to consult a psychiatrist to overcome my phobia. 
    At first I could not even bear the sound of airplane. When I heard it, I feel very scared and gasped by the sudden.
    Now I manage to control myself except I do not have the courage to go to the airport or even take a flight. Each night, the panic situation and the visions of piles of body haunt me in my nightmare.
    I am still trying to get myself to the real world eventhough five years have passed.
    I was really grateful as I have given the chance to continue with my life.
    That horrid accident makes me fear of flying.


    • thnks to Teacher Layna for this
    • plot dye sggh terabor. jgn komen lbeh2.
    • tu je utk post kali ni. daaaaaaaaaaaaa. 

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