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  1. Catch My Breath - Kelly Clarkson

    Friday, March 29, 2013

    I don't wanna be left behind
    Distance was a friend of mine
    Catching breath in a web of lies
    I've spent most of my life
    Riding waves, playing acrobat
    Shadowboxing the other half
    Learning how to react
    I've spent most of my time

    Catching my breath, letting it go,
    Turning my cheek for the sake of the show
    Now that you know, this is my life,
    I won't be told what's supposed to be right

    Catch my breath, no one can hold me back,
    I ain't got time for that
    Catch my breath, won't let them get me down,
    It's all so simple now

    Addicted to the love I found
    Heavy heart, now a weightless cloud
    Making time for the ones that count
    I'll spend the rest of my time
    Laughing hard with the windows down
    Leaving footprints all over town
    Keeping faith, karma comes around
    I will spend the rest of my life

    You helped me see
    The beauty in everything

    p/s: antara lagu baru nyanyian Kelly Clarkson. sangat membina ye lagu ni, SANGAT MEMBINA.

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