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  1. It's Hard.

    Wednesday, July 18, 2012

    it's hard being me. 

    it's hard when you want to play around, everybody else is already matured enough for you.

    it's hard when you got to grow up too fast. 

    it's hard when you cannot even cherish your childhood.

    it's hard when people don't see you. 

    it's hard when people don't take you seriously.

    it's hard when you're talking about something serious, people think it's some kind of a joke.

    it's hard when you're joking, people take it TOO seriously.

    it's hard when you wanna help somebody but people don't trust you and ask help from somebody else instead.

    it's hard when you wanna express yourself but people keep bringing you down.

    it's hard to act like you don't feel anything but actually you do.

    it's hard to hide your sadness behind all those smiles.

    it's hard to take care of other people's feeling when they don't even care about yours.

    it's hard to be you but it's harder to be me. 

    it's hard to be what you don't want to be.

    it's hard to be me actually. 

    some people may see it as an attraction-seeking post but this is the is truth.

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